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Live Run Log

Sun Dec, 10 2023 @ 16:52
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Berlin

Sat Dec, 9 2023 @ 22:59
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Berlin

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If getting hot, dirty and physical is your game – Fire/Rescue is for you. We offer virtually unlimited opportunities to explore the exciting world of firefighting and the training to do it safely. Whether you only assist on the outside - or run in to the fire as others are running out - there's plenty for everyone to do on the fireground. The training is free, but the rewards are priceless.




DUTIES include but are not limited to:

- Perform hazardous tasks for long periods of time in emergency conditions of high stress, strenuous physical exertion, and the risk of serious personal injury.

- Remove persons from danger and administer or assist in emergency medical aid as required.

- Participate in fire drills and attend classes on firefighting, emergency medical services, disaster control, and related fields.

- Maintain skill level through ongoing training to prevent degradation of skills.

- Receive emergency alarms; operate radio and other communications equipment under routine and emergency conditions.

- Perform and maintain physical conditioning.

- Drive or ride Fire Department apparatus to alarms, place equipment, lay and connect hoses and nozzles, raise and climb ladders, use high-pressure water hoses, chemical extinguishing agents and other tools and equipment as required.

- Ventilate burning structures; perform salvage operations and other related tasks.

- Complete and maintain paperwork, records and forms as directed by the Company Officer.

- Drive, operate and maintain fire department equipment and apparatus.

- Are responsible to be familiar with and adhere to department policy and procedures.

- Perform minor maintenance and inspection of fire hydrants, apparatus, and equipment.

- Test pumpers, hose, ladders and extinguishers.

- Participate in public education.

- Perform general cleaning and maintenance of quarters.

- Maintain personal appearance as directed by department policy and procedures.


Within one year of acceptance into membership, new Firefighters must complete a ~135-hour Basic Firefighting course hosted by the Maryland Fire Rescue Institute as well as obtain training in CPR/AED First Aide.

Firefighters must attend at least 50% of regularly scheduled or special drills each year following successful completion of the probation period. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours. Regular drills are typically scheduled on the second and fourth Tuesdays. Extra training sessions are scheduled as needed. (One drill per month June-August)

Active Fire/Rescue classified members must respond to a minimum of 50 total fire calls per year (equals an avg. of 4 calls per month).

DESIRABLE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES OF FIRE/RESCUE MEMBERS upon completion of training appropriate to your assignment:

- Methods, principles, techniques, and practices applied to firefighting, fire prevention, disasters and related fields.

- Hazardous materials: Recognition & Identification, and Operations Level.

- Topography of the fire protection area, street locations, traffic laws, ordinances and regulations involving apparatus and equipment operation.

- Mechanical and operating principles involved in the operation and maintenance of firefighting apparatus and equipment.

- Department policy and procedures.

- Analyzing dangerous situations rapidly and accurately and taking a reasonable course of action.

- Performing hose and ladder evolutions and apparatus operations.

- Perform physically demanding firefighting skills and duties including, but not limited to, carrying and manipulating hose, ladders and rescue equipment.

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