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Live Run Log

Sun Dec, 10 2023 @ 16:52
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Berlin

Sat Dec, 9 2023 @ 22:59
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Berlin

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EMS Billing

The Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department will be making changes to the current ambulance memberships. As part of each homeowners yearly assessment, a set amount ($15.50 per lot) is allotted to the fire/ems services. This fee has remained the same since 2004.

Effective May 1, 2009, the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department will begin billing your insurance company for calls that result in transportation to the hospital. This change is necessary due the rising costs of maintaining equipment and the need to supplement the current membership fees.

Ocean Pines property owners/ renters will see no changes in the services they receive from the OPVFD emergency medical services staff, nor will they receive a bill from the Ocean Pines Fire Department for those services. If a property owner/renter or a visiting guest calls for an ambulance and is transported to the hospital, that property owner/ renter/guests insurance company will be billed for that transport to the hospital. The property owner/renter/guest will receive in the mail an explanation of benefits from their insurance company detailing all covered expenses. Any expense not paid by the insurance company will not be billed to the home owner/renter/guest.

The Ocean Pines Fire/EMS has contracted Medical Claim-Aid to provide patient care reporting and medical insurance billing. Medical Claim-Aid is a Maryland-based company with its headquarters in Denton, Maryland. Their expertise lies in Emergency Medical Services billing. They process and collect billing solely for emergency medical services providers. The fire department's licensed emergency medical services professionals document emergency medical call information in a customized reporting system that meets all privacy requirements, including those under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The collected information is processed for billing under rates set by individual insurance companies. With accurate insurance information, claims are filed on behalf of the patient. If no insurance information is available, patients will be contacted to obtain the information in order to proceed with the claim.

The Ocean Pines Fire Department wants to assure you that you will see no changes in the quality of care provided by the 9 member career staff and the numerous EMS certified volunteers. These new changes to the current ambulance memberships will bring the Ocean Pines Fire Department in line with all other emergency services providers in Worcester County.

Fore more information on Medical Claim-Aid, please visit:

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