Emergency Dial 9-1-1


Administrative Members

Administrative Members conduct fundraising and social events to support our active members and our families. They also provide food and refreshments for various activities, including at long-duration or strenuous incidents.

Anyone who does not have the desire to participate directly in emergency services, or those who cannot meet the physical demands for active membership are encouraged to serve our department in this capacity. Administrative members do not participate in any emergency responses nor are they required to attend the required training under our operations divisions.

What to Expexct

Administrative members support fundraising, canteen during extended operations, or any other function assigned by the President or Vice President to whom they report. Administrative members are non-voting members. However, they are eligible for LOSAP and State tax credit as are voting members. They accumulate points in the same manner as other active members (fundraising, meetings, drills, training, collateral, committee chairperson, canteen response, other duties as assigned).

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