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Fire Police

Fire Police

As a member of our Fire Police team, you’ll assist in traffic management, crowd control and general assistance at emergency scenes and non-emergency events. We’ll train you as a Worcester County Sheriff’s Office certified Fire Police Officer.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to actively contribute but are not interested in or cannot meet the extreme physical challenge that structural firefighting entails. Fire Police members are not required to certify in firefighting courses but are required to receive basic scene support operations training and then initial and refresher training in Fire Police duties, traffic control and responder highway safety.

Fire Police

Often first on scene, Fire Police are able to report status, potential hazards, suspicious activities and mark the location of the structure, driveway, apartment entrance, etc. for arriving fire, EMS and police units.

Emergency Scene Ahead

Fire Police at times have the opportunity to speak with bystanders and answer questions about the operation, their volunteer fire department, or simply give directions or suggest possible detours. During these times their professionalism, appearance, and demeanor reflects directly on their department and the entire volunteer fire service.

Duties Include

Fire Police provide traffic and crowd control at fires, motor vehicle collisions, emergency medical calls, drills and other fire department operations which would include:

  • Protecting firefighters, emergency medical service (EMS) personnel and other responders; fire department equipment and apparatus; bystanders and crowd control at emergencies
  • Maintain a perimeter around incident scenes preventing unauthorized or unsafe entry.

  • Direct, turn, back-in & stage responding emergency vehicles to their assigned locations.

  • Rerouting non-emergency traffic away/around emergency operations.

  • Utilize department apparatus to distribute equipment, gear, portable radios, etc. to traffic control posts

  • Escort those individuals authorized by the Incident Commander, through fire lines.

  • Conduct area evacuations & maintain in/out traffic at incidents.

  • Close roads & mark downed trees, wires, etc. during or after weather emergencies.

  • Assist at fire department funerals, wakes and memorial services, and fire department parades.

  • Communicate with police, highway, towing and recovery and other support agencies

What to Expexct

New Fire Police members must complete a National TIM Training Certificate end attend at least twelve (12) regularly scheduled or special Fire Police drills (Training) during the one-year probation period.

Active Fire Police must respond to a minimum of 50 total (Fire or Rescue) calls per year.

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